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Crown Developments - Sustainability

Crown Developments is committed to

minimising the potential carbon footprint

on its developments and projects, working closely with recognised specialises and seeking suitable advise on all practical methods and measures that can be taken and employing them where possible whatever aspect of the business be it material selection and operational equipment for the developments, carbon offsetting of travel index footprints created by sales inspection trips and or travel index footprints created by the visits of vocational customers once our developments are operational.

Measures we implement

to all are Developments

  • Thermally efficient design as a prerequisite.
  • Thermally efficient operational systems
  • Rain water and secondary water collection system are in place for utilisation in secondary water applications such as WC flushing.
  • Fit energy-saving light bulbs throughout, and solar driven fitting in remote and external locations.
  • Installing thermostatic valves on radiators.
  • Energy-efficient electrical heat emitters
  • Gas if available is the primary source of energy
  • Insulating water storage tanks.
  • 180mm thick loft insulation to all residential projects.
  • Recycling grey water
  • All white goods are of an efficiency rating of "A"

For all inspection trips,

we will calculate the relevant consequential carbon footprint, and on you behalf plant the relevant number of indigenous trees in the pre-arranged conservation zones we have identified and agreed with the local municipalities of the regions where the project you have visited are located. This is an on going process and commitment and we are currently negotiating as Crown Resorts with prospective tour operators and travel agencies that will be letting the services at our developments so that along with us they continue the commitment to a carbon friendly life style.

Useful links

Carbon Off-setting

What is carbon off-setting:

A definition

When one is unable or unwilling to reduce one's own emissions, Carbon offset is the act of reducing ("offsetting") greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere. A well-known example is the planting of trees to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions from personal air travel.

The idea of paying for emission-reductions elsewhere instead of reducing by own actions is also known from the closely related concept
of emissions trading. However, in contrast to emissions trading, which is regulated by a strict formal and legal framework, carbon offsets generally refer to voluntary acts by individuals or companies that are commonly arranged by commercial or not-for-profit carbon-offset providers.

A wide variety of offset methods are in use — while tree planting has initially been a mainstay of carbon offsetting, renewable energy and energy conservation offsets have now become increasingly popular, and purchase and withdrawal of emissions trading credits is also seen.