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The 7th Village concept

The 7th Village concept brings you pure escapism and a unique opportunity to own your own part of 7th Heaven, with one of our 10 uniquely designed Samodiva Villas with Patented Architectural designs that makes respectful reference to the traditional Bulgarian mountain property architecture and materials but fashioned in a contemporary style with sustainable architecture and engineering.

You can select a design of your choose and have it built to your precise requirement on your own land or on one of our perfect plots, these Villas are a range of sizes and designs to suit every taste and every requirement.

Welcome to your dream property.

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Wellness and Spa, Residential complex, Bansko/Dobarsko

Heaven on Earth

Located only 12 km from Bansko's gondola, our location is only to be believed with your own eyes, Samodiva Villas is blessed with truly wondrous and unparalleled views which, once you have taken your breath back, leave you in a spiritual oneness with the beauty of Mother Nature.

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The essence of Samodiva Villas is to deliver a residential style wellness resort that is harmonious within its magical surrounding, luxurious in its appointment and complete in its facilities. Somewhere to rest your mind, body and soul; somewhere to mentally, physically and spiritually recharge.

location - Bansko/Dobarsko


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About Dobarsko

According to the legend, Dobarsko was founded by soldiers from Bulgarian Tsar Samuil's blinded army after the Battle of Belasitsa in 1014, who arrived in the area en route to the Rila Monastery and discovered a holy spring that allegedly cured them. Dobarsko is first mentioned in Tsar Ivan Shishman's donor's charter from the Rila Monastery in 1378.

Dobarsko is known for its 25-metre waterfall, Shtrokaloto, its two old Eastern Orthodox churches and the many consecrated grounds and chapels in the area, as well as the view of three of Bulgaria's highest and largest mountains from the village.

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